Promise of Quality

Transparent business methods and products that are subject to strict and uncompromised quality checks at every stage, guarantee complete customer satisfaction and assurance.

Code Of Ethics

Certified by ‘Responsible Jewelry Council’, we follow a strict Code of Practices pertaining to human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, product disclosure and other important aspects in the jewelry supply chain.

Employee Welfare

Our staff and labor are our driving force. Their interests are well-looked after through safety awareness classes, healthcare benefits, counseling for female employees, and a grievance cell for addressing various issues.


Established in Jaipur, in the year 1997, Gosil Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and renowned name in the world of exquisite jewelry. Our company is built on the pillars of honesty, quality, innovation and unique designs. These are the very traits that shine through in every piece of jewelry that we create.
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The R&D Mantra

Research: A Strong Foundation

Market Study – Forms a profile of existing markets, brands, designs and price points. Suggests what works, what doesn’t, and even what could work potentially.

Trend Study – Informs about new innovations in technology and materials, style and color forecasts, price guidelines, etc

Methodology: Tools for Design

Using the Research – We make story Boards, form inspiration boards, client boards, color palette board and mood boards based on the research. These serve as guidelines during the designing process.

Design Criteria – We state the influencing design factors by defining a design brief, product range, price factors, etc. ensuring that the products thus developed depict the moods, tastes, and likes of the target customers.

Development: Exploring Designs

Form Generation – Sketches are used to explore various design options for the form, shape, and style of each product. Finalized designs, with every aesthetic detail, are sent to the CAD team for rapid prototyping.

Visual Representation – Samples are created and given a visual presence through photo-shoots, prints, and videos.


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